This plugins allows you to create accounts into you Linode Server saving you the trouble to make this steps:

  • Create Linode DNS Record.
  • Create folder on the server.
  • Create a database with a unique userfor each database.
  • Create Virtual Host on Apache.
  • Activate the VirtualHost.
  • Reload and Restart Apache.
  • As you can see this plugin is the perfect tool to manage your Linode Server, saving you a lot of time.


Before go to settings run this commands on the bash of your Linode Server:

  • sudo pear install Net_URL2-0.3.1
  • sudo pear install HTTP_Request2-0.5.2
  • sudo pear channel-discover
  • sudo pear install krmdrms/Services_Linode

Your WordPress installation should be running as root and your wp-config.php “user” and “password” should be ones of your MySQL root otherwise won’t see the magic of this script.

Firsts tasks:

  • Go to settings and setup your Linode API Key.
  • Your Linode IP number.
  • Folder locations.
  • User owner.
  • Database prefix.

Comming soon:

  • Use wp_nonce_fieldin forms.
  • Add test mode.
  • Use Name.comAPI for domain management.
  • More Linode functions.
  • Add/manage clusters.

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Creator: Irving Kcam | Email: [email protected] | License: GPL2